5 Reasons To Add Mirrored Plinths To Your Kitchen

27 March 2023
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Sometimes known as kickboards or kickplates, kitchen plinths cover the surface between your floor and the bottom of your cabinets. They're a practical way to hide any cables or pipes, and they provide a great way to bring a finishing touch to your kitchen.

Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to consider plinth options during a kitchen remodel, and this can mean missing out on the benefits of mirrored plinths. Here are just five reasons why you should think about fitting them.

1. Added Light

Adding light to a room will instantly make it feel more open and inviting. That's especially nice in the kitchen since this will be one of your home's key rooms. Fitting mirrored surfaces beneath cabinets takes an area that is usually dark and uses it to reflect any light that comes into your kitchen. You can even take this benefit further by fitting LED lighting just above or within your mirrored kitchen plinths.

2. Sense of Space

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have huge kitchens that never seem cramped or confined, but most will wish these rooms were a little bigger. While mirrored plinths won't actually add to the square footage, they can provide an illusion of space. When mirrored surfaces are fitted beneath cabinets, it makes them look like they are floating. Since it will appear as if the flooring keeps going beneath your cabinets, the room will feel much larger.

3. Eye-Catching Style

Kitchen plinths can really help bring a room together, and opting for mirrored plinths can create a stunning appearance. They tend to work particularly well with modern design schemes. Even though changing the plinth material to a mirrored surface seems like a small change, it can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the room and make help it stand out from other kitchens.

4. Impressive Durability

Whenever you think about mirrored surfaces, it's easy to assume they won't be very durable. After all, most mirrors are made of glass, which isn't the best choice for a surface that's likely to get kicked and bumped. However, mirrored plinths are usually made from acrylic rather than glass, so they can take knocks and bumps without showing any signs of damage.

5. Easy Cleaning

Mirrored plinths don't just last a long time — they also stay looking great since they are so easy to keep clean. No special products are required, and the surface is smooth and unbroken. All you'll need to do is wipe them down now and then to keep them looking their best for years to come.

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