Using Timber Flooring in Your Kitchen

5 May 2023
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Even though the kitchen is a major work zone, it's also a social hub. So the floor material you choose during a renovation should be practical and attractive. Timber is appealing, and it also makes your home more functional. Read on to discover more.


Something to consider with kitchen flooring is its comfort level. You will, after all, spend hours standing and moving around the room as you prepare food. Some surfaces, like tiles and concrete, are hard, which can strain legs and knees. On the other hand, wooden floorboards have more give, so they're easier on the joints.

If you accidentally drop a plate, it will be less likely to break if the flooring is not rock-hard. Additionally, floorboards provide a softer landing than concrete or tiles if anyone falls over.


Timber floors come in a wide range of colours, like ash, red and mahogany. When picking a colour, consider how it impacts the kitchen's overall brightness. The light from the sky enters windows at an angle. Pale timber will reflect more light than dark wood. The light will bounce from the floor to other surfaces, such as the walls and cabinetry, and move into other areas. The same thing will happen with artificial light, thus lowering your lighting bills. If you want to generate a sense of cosiness, you can do the opposite and choose dark flooring that absorbs brightness.


It's important that the kitchen flooring is easy to maintain, as it's a room where spills are likely to happen. Wooden floors can easily be vacuumed and cleaned with a damp mop. Don't use too much water, however, as it can cause moisture damage. Also, wipe up spills promptly. You should also refinish the timber as often as recommended, which will give the floor a protective film.

Wooden floorboards have a unique advantage over tiles and vinyl because they can be resanded in the future, which will shave off the top layer. Your floor will then look new without you having to pay for new materials. Any dents and scratches can be buffed away. In any case, you may be one of the many people who love the charm of weathered timber planks in designer kitchens. 

Timber floors are ranked for hardness on the Janka scale; a higher number indicates a harder wood that will be less inclined to dent. You should pay attention to the rating of the floor you want. Ask the installer what may be suitable for your home.