Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Make Your Space Look Bigger and Brighter

7 April 2020
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A kitchen renovation project gives you the opportunity to make changes that will brighten up your space and make it more livable. If you have a small kitchen, one thing on your mind would be how to make the space bigger. Luckily, you don't have to knock down some walls to get a big kitchen. As you plan your renovation, here are four ideas you can incorporate into the project to make your kitchen space look bigger than it is.

Splash on a Coat of White Paint

There's no better way to give your kitchen a new look than by repainting it. However, in this case, beyond bringing the space back to life, you want to make it look bigger as well. The best way to do this is by using white paint. Unlike dark colours that absorb light, white tends to reflect it. When light is reflected, everything instantly looks large and visually appealing. In addition to the walls, you can repaint other fixtures such as your cabinets. Go for white or any other bright, reflective colour, and shun away from dark hues as they will make the room seem small.

Use Patterned Floor Tiles

The floors you have in the kitchen also determine how big the room feels. If your floors have a plain design, they can make the room look small. The same applies to vertical floor patterns. Just as vertical patterns on clothes make someone look slimmer, vertical patterned floors also make your kitchen feel tiny. The best option is horizontal patterns. These open up the room and make it look wider. Therefore, if you're ready to splurge on new flooring, use horizontal designs to open up the space.

Invest in Open Shelving

Closed shelving solutions can box up a small kitchen and make it look tiny and unappealing. If you're looking for ways to make the space look big, consider opening up your shelves. Open shelving makes the room feel more open and airy. When coupled with white colours all around, these can significantly improve the appearance of the kitchen. If you have to use closed shelves, you can consider going for glass doors instead of solid wood ones.

Install More Lighting

Does your kitchen have some dark corners that don't get enough light? If so, this could be one of the reasons it looks and feels small. If adding more natural light isn't an option, consider investing in additional lighting fixtures. In addition to the general lighting, other options include pendant lights for the island area, recessed lights over task areas and wall lamps. Proper lighting highlights different features in the kitchen and makes the room feel roomier and visually appealing.

Just because you're stuck with a small kitchen doesn't mean you can't make the space feel bigger. Work with an experienced contractor to effect these remodels and improve the appearance of your kitchen.

To learn more about kitchen renovations, contact remodelling contractors in your area.