How To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovations

13 April 2020
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Kitchen renovations are a frightful prospect for most adults. Not only are they considerably costly, but they are also time and effort-consuming, and will require extensive planning. You will have to look for a trustworthy contractor and agree on the extent of the work to be performed. You will also need to select the materials you want for surface replacements, as well as paint colours and hardware installations. If this already alarms your wallet, there's no need to panic too much: solutions exist to lower the costs of your renovations drastically.

Mixing And Matching Can Save From Spending

Kitchen renovations will require, for most, the changing of surfaces that have lost their stylish appeal. Changing the surface of your countertop, for one, can provide a dramatic improvement and modernise the room. However, most high-end kitchen countertop surface materials, such as marble and granite, can be incredibly expensive. For a unique twist to your countertops, you can incorporate these materials in sections of the structure surface and use more affordable materials such as ceramic tile, vinyl laminate, or Corian for the rest of the countertop.

To avoid overspending on cabinet renovations, you may want to simply give them a new coat of paint and polish, and install new handles at a minimal service fee. The new handles alone are likely to rejuvenate your entire cabinetry at a fraction of the price of a complete re-installation.

Opening Things Up Will Stop The Cash Bleed

"American-style" kitchens have become incredibly popular because they expand the space without major structural adjustments to your home. If you have a traditional, closed kitchen, creating a cut into the wall to open into the living areas won't cost much, but will revamp the entire kitchen. Depending on the thickness of the wall, this method can also provide you with an additional counter surface. By covering the newly created ledge (base of the rectangular cut out) in standard countertop materials, you can use it for your cooking, or even to display kitchen utensils.

You may also want to consider open shelving, which is a newly-emergent trend in kitchen styling. You can save considerable sums by just cutting out cabinet doors altogether, and the exposed utensils can help dress up the kitchen. This will also facilitate your storing and sorting processes, as everything you need will be right there for the picking.

A Concluding Note

To save money on your kitchen renovations, you will have to be willing to use creative remodelling methods. Style need not be expensive — only inspired and practical. By cutting out unnecessary re-installation and paying closer attention to detail, you can avoid spending on your project and enjoy modern, fresh results.