Ideas When Remodelling Your Kitchen

20 July 2020
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Remodelling is one way to create a cheerful setting in which you can cook and socialise. However, the design options for a kitchen can be daunting with so many choices and possibilities. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your new space.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Options

Kitchen renovations require a myriad of materials for benchtops, cabinetry and so on. When scanning the possibilities, pay special attention to ones that are kinder to the environment. For instance, engineered stone consists of about 93% crushed or powdered stone and 7% resins. Using smaller fragments rather than large stone slabs means that mined rock goes farther in engineered stone products as all the bits and pieces can be used. 

Bamboo is another excellent choice when remodelling — the perfect alternative for a timber benchtop. Bamboo, a type of grass, grows abundantly and quickly, unlike the trees in old-growth forests which may have flourished for decades. 

Install Shelves

You'll need plenty of storage for your new kitchen, but not all of it has to be behind closed doors. Shelves provide an opportunity to showcase your favourite pottery and china, and they also allow you to grab much-used mugs, cups, and plates quickly. Not worrying about a door, you can use both hands and not have to search inside a cupboard. Wooden or bamboo shelves give a rustic feel, or you could install sleek glass instead. 

Hide Appliances

Clutter scattered across a kitchen countertop detracts from a calm and relaxing environment, so the trend is to conceal small and large appliances, like toasters, microwaves, and refrigerators, behind cabinet doors and out of sight. Additionally, rubbish bins create eyesores that are best kept in their own under-counter cupboards.

Save On Energy Bills

While you may be more focused on your current budget, don't forget about future savings gained by installing energy-efficient appliances. Fridges, stoves, and dishwashers all devour electricity, but you can slash your ongoing bills by scrutinising each new appliance's star-rating before installation. Plus, you'll be doing your bit for the environment by trimming your energy use, helping to cut the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses.

Go With Sleek Cabinetry

The hardware and handles you adopt for your cabinetry depend on the kitchen's style, whether it's traditional, modern, industrial, or something else. For contemporary decor, consider discarding handles so your cupboards will display a sleek, smooth face. The doors won't have chunks of metalwork interrupting their façade. Instead, you could fit models with soft-close and push-to-open mechanisms. Other door designs feature a hollowed area along the top which you can grab with your fingers to open. 

To learn more, contact a contractor that does kitchen renovations.