3 Emerging Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Bathroom Renovation Project

8 October 2020
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If you are a homeowner who shares the house with a spouse and kids, you may have thought about renovating your bathroom several times. Typically, people never consider that the bathroom will one day become inadequate when they are purchasing their first home. However, as the family members increase, and the bathroom gets older, it becomes less efficient. Cleaning up in the morning and the evening becomes less efficient.

If you have reached this point, it is time to do a bathroom makeover. As you plan on how you are going to increase the size and replace essentials like leaking faucets, stained tubs, and rotting grout and tiles, you also need to consider splurging a little. Hire a bathroom renovation expert who understands the newest trends in a bathroom renovation. They will help you incorporate these three emerging trends into your bathroom renovation.

1. Incorporate Technology into the Bathroom Design

A lot of technological changes have happened over the past two decades. Two decades ago, it was considered very extravagant to have a phone extension in the bathroom. Today, you can have underfloor heating, digital shower control, and touch-free toilet flush, vanity mirror TV, towel warming drawers, and even waterproof TV screens in your bathroom.

While it might be costly to go all the way and include all these aspects in your bathroom, there is nothing wrong with adding one or two of these features to your renovation budget.

2. Introduce Wooden Structures

A lot of homeowners wince when the wood is mentioned in connection to the bathroom. It is understandable because in the past, mixing water and wood usually led to mould, mildew, rotting structures and persistent musty odours.

However, in the era of engineered wood and glass shower stalls, it is very easy to prevent water from the shower from wreaking havoc on your bathroom structures, regardless of the material. You can incorporate wooden vanities in your renovation for that classic and natural feel.

3. Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting will never go out of style as a way to instantly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. You can choose whether to have the renovator create a stream of natural light into the washroom or invest in quality artificial lighting. Either way, you will have a well-lit bathroom, which creates the illusion of large bathroom space.

These are renovations that you can achieve with the help of a competent bathroom renovation expert. Choose a reliable contractor and work within your budget to create the bathroom of your dreams.

For more ideas, reach out to a local bathroom renovation service.