Why Should You Choose Custom Kitchens?

5 November 2020
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When constructing your home, you might come across two kitchen options: a stock kitchen and a custom kitchen. 

  • Stock Kitchen – This is an already pre-designed kitchen. All you need to do is look at different pictures and pick out the design you love and think might meet your kitchen needs. It is then installed in your kitchen as it is; you can choose different colours, but you can't alter the design much.
  • Custom Kitchen – This is a kitchen built from scratch, without necessarily coming from a pre-designed kitchen. It represents your unique kitchen needs, personality and preference. You might have gathered several designs over time and brought them together with the help of a kitchen designer to come up with your unique kitchen.

Here's what you need to know to make the right decision:

Kitchen Building Materials

If you choose a stock kitchen, you might not be in control of the materials used to make different parts of the kitchen. This means that you might have to settle for materials that may not be suitable or durable for your kitchen needs. It is, therefore, important to first identify your kitchen needs and then try and find a stock kitchen made from materials that are suitable for your needs.

In the case of a custom kitchen, you only require to hire a custom kitchen specialist to help you make your dream kitchen and select the most suitable materials.

Space Utilisation

If you are considering a stock kitchen, ensure you first identify the stock kitchen you want and then have your kitchen constructed in a way that the stock kitchen will fit properly without wasting any space. If you do it the other way round, you might realise that the stock kitchen may not fit well, meaning you may not utilise your entire kitchen space.

Custom kitchens are made to fit the kitchen space available without wastage. Cabinets can even be designed to fit odd looking angles, ensuring you utilise every space available.


If you are a homeowner who is looking for a kitchen that offers more than basic kitchen needs, choosing a stock kitchen might not be right for you. This is because various designs might offer most of the things you want, but you might find that you may have to compromise on a few things. Choose a custom kitchen to ensure you don't compromise on any of your kitchen needs.

For more information on custom kitchen designs, reach out to a local remodelling contractor.