Tips When Installing the Lighting for Your Kitchen Remodel

9 March 2021
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You might renovate your kitchen by spreading beautiful materials such as granite and timber around the room. However, without flattering lighting, they won't shine to their full potential. Lighting is also practical. It helps to create a functional space for you to work in every day. Consider the following tips when planning the lighting for your kitchen renovation.

Multiple Light Sources

One mistake to avoid is relying on one overhead light to do everything. One central globe often can't illuminate all the bench areas, as your own body will likely cast a shadow over sections. Plus, you won't be able to create different moods and effects with just one light as you can with multiple globes.

If you combine pendant and recessed ceiling lights, you'll brighten most areas of the kitchen. It doesn't have to be overly bright, though, as you can install muted globes for softer but more consistent and even lighting. Under-cabinet lights will add to the overall effect. Make sure each of these light sources is on a separate light switch so you can adapt the lighting to your needs. If you're having a party, you could switch on undercabinet lights for a muted effect, for instance, or leave one or several pendant or recessed lights on. If you have a large kitchen, you might want to connect the under cabinet lights to multiple switches. That way, you can light up specific counter areas, saving money and giving you more options for festive lighting effects.

Decorative Pendant Lights

While lighting brings out the beauty of natural elements like natural stone and wood, the light fixtures themselves can be decorative elements. For example, pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles to suit different aesthetics. Pendant lighting allows you to fit beautiful metal sculpture elements and coloured glass into kitchens.

You could install a sequence of smaller pendants using bright blue glass and shiny silver chrome. Otherwise, install a large industrial light in black painted metal for a raw edge. You could make a statement by dangling a charming pendant over a dining table. Creative lighting is a simple way to give your kitchen a unique look.

Make sure the pendant lights are the right length. They should be low enough to shed the right amount of brightness where you want and high enough so that your family and friends don't hit their heads against the fixtures.