Accessories For a More Attractive and Comfortable Bathroom

11 June 2021
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You don't necessarily need to undertake a major renovation to make your bathroom more attractive and luxurious. Instead, you can update some bathroom accessories. Following are several ideas.


The mirror has a lot to say about the way a bathroom looks. Sitting in a prominent wall position, it can function as a decorative item or blend seamlessly with the wall. If you want to make your bathroom appear more spacious, connect an expansive frameless mirror with a sleek bevelled edge. If you want to add a decorative statement, fit one with a distinctive frame. For example, choose rustic wood, sleek black matte edging, or ornately detailed scrolling. Some mirrors offer add-on conveniences, such as an anti-fog demister that heats the mirror back and inhibits condensation. You could fit a mirror equipped with LED lights that provides a dimmer to alter the brightness level.

Heated Towel Racks

It can be challenging for towels to dry out properly in the winter, which is when bathroom accessories such as heated towel racks become handy. They come in finishes like black satin or shiny stainless steel to match the rest of the hardware. You can fit the racks to the wall, and have them hardwired into the electrical circuitry or plugged into a wall outlet. Alternatively, a freestanding model will let you move it around and place it in any position in the bathroom or other rooms. No longer will you have to pick up a damp towel as you jump out of the shower, but instead you can instead wrap yourself in a warm fluffy one. A heated towel rack also reduces room humidity and warms up the space, helping to dispel any chill in the air. A ladder design features a series of horizontal racks. You can also choose a model that weaves back and forth like a continuous S-shape.

Shower Heads

If you want to enhance your shower experience, you could install a new showerhead. Modern designs can aerate the water droplets to create the sensation of high pressure while saving water. You can connect shower heads in different shapes and sizes with varying spray patterns, which you can select. A rain shower head releases droplets in a softer way to mimic a natural experience. A handheld showerhead offers flexibility, as you can clean pets and children. Choose a model that you can affix to the wall at different heights to function as a fixed shower head.