Getting Stone Kitchen Benchtops? Know Your Options

21 December 2020
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A stone benchtop has the advantage of being low-maintenance and long-lasting while delivering that unmatched sense of luxury and great aesthetics. That said, "stone benchtop" is quite the blanket description as there are different types of stones. Here is a rundown of the available options when you want to buy a stone kitchen benchtop, and a look at some of the pros and cons specific to each. Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtop Read More 

Why Should You Choose Custom Kitchens?

5 November 2020
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When constructing your home, you might come across two kitchen options: a stock kitchen and a custom kitchen.  Stock Kitchen – This is an already pre-designed kitchen. All you need to do is look at different pictures and pick out the design you love and think might meet your kitchen needs. It is then installed in your kitchen as it is; you can choose different colours, but you can't alter the design much. Read More 

3 Emerging Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Bathroom Renovation Project

8 October 2020
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If you are a homeowner who shares the house with a spouse and kids, you may have thought about renovating your bathroom several times. Typically, people never consider that the bathroom will one day become inadequate when they are purchasing their first home. However, as the family members increase, and the bathroom gets older, it becomes less efficient. Cleaning up in the morning and the evening becomes less efficient. If you have reached this point, it is time to do a bathroom makeover. Read More 

Ideas When Remodelling Your Kitchen

20 July 2020
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Remodelling is one way to create a cheerful setting in which you can cook and socialise. However, the design options for a kitchen can be daunting with so many choices and possibilities. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your new space. Choose Environmentally Friendly Options Kitchen renovations require a myriad of materials for benchtops, cabinetry and so on. When scanning the possibilities, pay special attention to ones that are kinder to the environment. Read More 

Adapting 4 Aspects of Your Bathroom for a Wheelchair

25 June 2020
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You can make certain adjustments to accommodate a wheelchair user, and this goes beyond simply being able to easily get the wheelchair and its occupant in and out of the door. Perhaps you will soon start using a wheelchair, or perhaps you will be sharing your home with a family member who requires one. Ease of use of the bathroom is something that able-bodied people might take for granted, and this room should remain accessible and functional for someone who is in a wheelchair. Read More